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Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Our team here can install professionally fitted replacement conservatory roofs for our customers in Bude, Holsworthy, Launceston, Camelford, Padstow, Cornwall, Devon and the surrounding areas. Design bespoke conservatory roofs today using our free online quoting engine.

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Conservatory Roofs for Bude & Cornwall Homes

The roof of your conservatory is one of the most important elements to consider. It doesn’t just affect the overall appearance of your Cornwall home’s extension, but also its thermal efficiency and security. In the past, conservatories were often fitted with polycarbonate roofing, which can lack the thermal efficiency of glazed, solid or tiled roofs. If you have noticed that your conservatory is getting colder or less secure against the wind and weather, replacing your conservatory’s roof can help to extend its lifespan. Use our free online quoting engine to put together your own customised design and receive a free, zero obligation price for your installation.

We use leading manufacturers for our high quality replacement conservatory and extension roofs. Your roof will be fitted to whatever kind of conservatory you have, such as Victorian, Edwardian or gable. If you choose one of our tiled or solid roofs, you can pick from a variety of different tile materials and colours to best match or contrast with your property’s existing roof. Our replacement roofs can also be fitted with additional skylights to bring in more natural light into your Cornwall home.

Having conservatory roofs replaced on your Cornwall property can seem like daunting work, which is why we employ highly experienced installers and never hire outside contractors. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to install your new roof with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life and will take away any remaining materials and equipment. For more information about our installation work and our range of roof solutions, contact a member of our team today.
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Features and Benefits

Noise Reduction
Our triple glazed and tiled roofs are both excellent at cancelling out noise from both the street and weather. This means that your conservatory can be used as an office or relaxation space without having to worry about distractions.

Thermally Efficient
The roofs that we offer are designed to help trap heat inside your property. Our glazed roofs are fitted with double or triple glazing, as well as thermally broken uPVC frames. Tiled roofs also feature multiple layers of insulated materials.

Hassle Free Installation
Our installation team will work quickly to get your new conservatory roof installed in no time at all, depending on the size of your conservatory. We aim to cause as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

Natural Light
New conservatory roofs will provide you with large amounts of natural light. Glass roofs come with slim sightlines to maximise the amount of available glass, while tiled roofs come with optional skylights and rooflights.


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Conservatory Roof Prices, Bude & Cornwall

Are your old conservatory roofs looking a little bit worse for wear? Getting a brand new conservatory roof can help improve not only the thermal efficiency of your Cornwall home but also lengthen the lifespan of your conservatory. Use our free online quoting engine to design replacement conservatory roofs specific to your Cornwall home, and we will be in touch to offer you a competitive and zero obligation quote. For more information about our range of roofing options, contact us today. Speak to a member of our team through our online contact form or call us on 01288 356541.

10 years guarantee


orangeries quotes Cornwall
Conservatories used to be fitted with basic polycarbonate roofing as standard, which has a much shorter lifespan and is far less thermally efficient. If you have noticed your conservatory becomes too cold to be useable in winter or in bad weather, then it may be a sign to replace your roof.
As each conservatory we install is specific to every customer, prices can vary. This depends on the size of the roof, what kind of roofing system and any additional features. Get a competitive quote for your installation today by using our free online quoting engine.
The lifespan of conservatory roofs can vary depending on the type and the quality of the original installation. However, most solid, and glazed conservatory roofs perform for well over a decade before a refurbishment may need to be considered.
Conservatories as a whole structure usually don’t need any planning permission, and the same goes for their roofs. While they are mostly covered under ‘permitted development’, restrictions may apply if you live in a protected area or a listed property. Speak to your local planning authority for more information.
Conservatory roofs take around a week or so to fully install, depending on the type of roof, the size of your conservatory and any additional removals or additional features you want installed.
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