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Glass Conservatory Roofs for Bude Homes

If you had a conservatory installed onto your Cornwall home in the last few decades, you may have noticed a decrease in its thermal efficiency. Old conservatories often have inefficient polycarbonate roofs, which can lose a lot of heat and make your conservatory unusable in the winter or other cold weather.

We use the country’s leading manufacturers of glazing home improvements, including replacement glass conservatory roofs. Our glass conservatory roofs can help to keep your conservatory thermally efficient and extend its lifespan.

Features & Benefits

Natural Light


With slimline frames to maximise glazing, your Cornwall home will be flooded with natural light.



The durable top cap aligns the bars, making them watertight in up to 180mph wind.

Low Maintenance


These roofs only need an occasional washdown, not needing any additional upkeep.

Colour Options


Everything from the glazing tint to the cornice type and frame colour can be made bespoke for your Cornwall home.

Glass Conservatory Roof Prices, Bude & Cornwall

Put together your Cornwall home's own bespoke glass conservatory roof from scratch using our free online quoting engine. We will offer you a competitive and zero obligation quote for your Cornwall home's installation work.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an added sense of style, we offers an additional interior pelmet option. This pelmet runs continuously around the top of your conservatory walls, allowing for electric lights to be installed.
We offer the only glazed conservatory roof system to be engineered per postcode. We use NASA satellite data to measure weather patterns, wind speed and snowfall to ensure that your new roof can withstand the elements specific to the Cornwall area.
Regardless of what kind of conservatory you have on your Cornwall home, our glass roofing systems are able to be easily and quickly installed. We offer glass roofs can be installed for Victorian, Edwardian, lean-yo, gable, P shaped and T shaped conservatories, among others.
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