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Aluminium Bifold Doors for Bude & Cornwall Homes

Aluminium bifold doors are a popular modern alternative to other similar glazed entrance profiles, such as patio and French doors. Our aluminium bifold doors are supplied to us by some of the country’s leading manufacturers of aluminium glazed windows and doors. Opening in a concertina shape to fold back against the wall, aluminium bifold doors create a wide throughway perfect for garden or patio access for your Bude or Cornwall property.

While aluminium bifold doors are often chosen for modern and contemporary properties, they are actually perfect for any Cornwall home. With a sleek, slimline frame design, they blend in well with a property’s overall appearance. Your new bifold doors are made to your specific needs, choosing from a range of styles and colours to match your personal tastes. The wide opening created when opened allows you to utilise your outside area as a living space, especially useful for families with young children.

We work with a team of highly skilled installers, with decades of collective experience in the industry. Each installation is unique, so we bring all of our knowledge and expertise to every job we do in Cornwall. Your new aluminium bifold doors will be smooth operating and long lasting with little to no additional maintenance. For more information on our installation work and our range of products, use our online contact form to speak to a member of our team.

Features & Benefits

Diamond Cylinder Lock


Among our bifold door range, our Origin systems can come fitted with a Secured by Design approved 8 point locking system. Secured by Design is a British police backed initiative to help improve home safety. This lock is protected against picking, forced entry and drilling.

Bring The Outside In


With between two to eight separate panels, your aluminium bifold doors can be opened to create a wide entranceway through to your garden, allowing for ventilation. Even when closed, their wide areas of glass brings in large amounts of natural light and unbroken views

Low Thresholds


To help mobility access and prevent trip hazards, our bespoke aluminium bifold doors can be fitted with an optional low threshold. Weatherproof, this threshold has a 1cm lip that creates a watertight seal around the bottom of the door, and also aides mobility.



Aluminium is an incredibly light material when compared to other metals, weighing 67% less than steel. This means that the surrounding structure isn’t weighted down with heavy frames, which could potentially lead to faults or water ingress from damage.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices, Bude & Cornwall

If you are looking for a new aluminium bifold door for your property in Cornwall, Bude is here to help you find your ideal profiles. Use our free online quoting engine to put together a bespoke and personalised design, and we will be in touch to offer you a zero obligation quote for your installation work.

For more information on our aluminium bifold doors, or to speak to a member of our team about our installation work, contact us through our online form. Alternative, give us a call through 01288 356541.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium Bifold Doors Installers near Devon
Aluminium bifold doors can be fitted to many different dimensions, ranging from two to eight separate folding panels. This means that they can be easily fitted into the space left by an old or inefficient set of sliding patio or French doors.
While aluminium bifold doors have large areas of glass per frame, they can actually help to improve the warmth of your home. With thermally broken frames and thresholds, as well as thick panes of glazing, your bifold doors help to trap warm air inside your property.
Your new bifold doors can be fitted to a variety of sizes, allowing them to stretch for almost an entire length of wall.
All of our aluminium bifold doors can be fitted with both double and triple glazing, depending on your preference.

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