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Car Ports Bude & Cornwall

At Bude Windows & Conservatories we can install durable car ports and car verandas across Bude and the surrounding Cornwall and Devon areas. To see how we can help you or to enquire about a free estimate for your Cornwall home, contact us today.

Available in a Range of Colours


Concept Canopy is available in white, brown, light oak or rosewood

Doesn't block natural light


The tough translucent roof panels allow natural daylight through, so if your canopy is above your Cornwall home's kitchen window, patio or living room, adequate daylight still enters your Cornwall property.

Modern Materials


Concept Copy is available as a Carport, Covered Walkway, Children’s Play Area or a stylish Patio Canopy. The construction is of tough and reliable glass reinforced plastic, the building material of the future.

Weather Resistant


Concept Canopy can withstand snow loads of up to 1690kg and wind speeds of up to 146 mph. Maximise your Cornwall home's weather protection!

Carports Bude

Protect Your Vehicle

Many Cornwall households have two or even three cars. An average size garage usually has space for only one car to be protected, what happens to the other cars in your Cornwall home? They are left outside, open to all the elements. Concept Canopy will help to protect your vehicles from potential damage and weather wearing.
Car Ports Cornwall

No Maintenance

Concept Canopy attaches securely to your Cornwall property wall and needs no additional uprights. That means no more dented doors from obtrusive supports. Being self-coloured your Concept Canopy needs no painting or maintenance ever.
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