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Orangeries, Devon

An orangery is a traditional feature for all homes in Devon. However, it has become a more popular addition to more and more properties in the last few decades.

The majority of these extensions are made from brick, making them solid and long lasting, making them useful for everything from kitchen extensions living rooms to study areas. All our bespoke orangery can be tailored to your specific needs and style, regardless of whether your Devon home is modern or classical.

Having an orangery is highly sought after. The addition of additional living space can increase your living space and save you money on your bills, as well as improve the current value of your home. In the future, you might consider selling your home, so this is extra useful.

A variety of sizes can make orangeries unique to their properties. We only use the most popular manufacturers of windows and doors for our bespoke conservatory and orangery products. They are either from Ultraframe, Liniar, Smart, Reynaers, or Origin.

Orangeries do not have to disrupt your property or take up a great deal of time. The expertise of our fitters, who bring years of experience to every installation, is essential to our success.

This means that our team can and will focus on getting the job done quickly and efficiently, giving you an extension that will last a long time and maintain its efficiency. Our online contact form can provide you with more information on our installation services.


Features & Benefits

Easy Installations


Compared to conservatories, orangeries can often be considered equally worth the planning permission time as bigger house upgrading projects. It is, therefore, often not necessary to obtain planning permission for an extension of this size. Be sure to check with the local au-thorities.

Long Lasting


Brick is the primary material used in orangeries. Consequently, your orangery's main struc-ture will be as new and designed just like other parts of your house. It may be necessary to replace windows and doors, but the brick or other materials will only need to be cleaned oc-casionally.

Bespoke Designs


There is nothing universal about this products; they are different from each property that they are built on. The measurements of the building aren't the only aspect that differs. We can make your brickwork match or be different from your other buildings on your property. As well as windows, doors, and roofs, our range includes other accessories.



In addition to uPVC frames, we also offer aluminium windows, doors, and roofing systems to fit your overall property. The look is completed by accessories such as handles, wood-grains, and hinges. We are sure we can help you find the perfect orangery for your home in Devon.

Orangery Prices, Bude & Cornwall

The Bude team can help you find the perfect orangery for your Devon home. Our online orangery quote calculator will help you generate a bespoke quote and design once you enter the dimensions of your choice. Our team will offer you a competitive quote once we under-stand what kind of design you are looking for. All of our quotations are completely free of obligation, allowing you total control over the process.

To learn more about our products and installation services, speak to a member of our team today. You can also call us on 01288 356541 or use our online contact form . Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the different specifications and needs you have for your orangery. One of the big factors that control the time plan is it is building a new one from the bottom or replacing an old structure. Another factor is the number of windows and doors you would like in your building.
A conservatory is a glass structure with a brick base and a pitched glazed roof. An orangery is a brick structure with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern. Our conservatories are made with uPVC or aluminium frames and with crystal clear double glazed windows.
The simple answer to this question is yes, this product absolutely need foundations for stability. Foundations are needed to support a structure by transferring their weight evenly across the ground and helping them to stay strong and sturdy.
Our orangeries are made of top quality materials with extremely efficient double glazing. This is why the answer to this question is YES. They will keep you warm and comfortable all year round.

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