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Composite Doors for Bude & Cornwall Homes

Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular, modern alternatives to traditional uPVC and timber doors throughout Cornwall. Made with a combination of high quality materials wrapped around a solid core, they are incredibly secure and thermally efficient. With a lifespan of at least 30 years, your Cornwall home’s brand new door will remain robust and keep its appearance throughout its lifetime.

Our composite doors are supplied to us by industry leading manufacturers. Featuring a realistic woodgrain foil, you can design your door to resemble traditional timber doors without any of the additional maintenance. Composite doors can be made to match over 20 different designs, including double doors and glazed panels. To help it blend in with your Cornwall property’s overall appearance, there are additional options for both interior and exterior colours.

We want you to have confidence and peace of mind in your installation. Our team of fitters have decades of experience in the home improvement field, meaning that they can perform installations to an incredibly high standard. For more information on our installation work or our range of products, contact a member of our team today using our online contact form.

Features & Benefits

Timber Core


While other composite doors contain foam, Endurance composite doors are made using a solid timber core. This core helps to give the door structure, allowing it to withstand excessive force and general wear and tear for many more years than subpar alternatives.

Thermal Efficiency


A surprising amount of heat can be lost through your front door. This is why composite doors are designed to trap heat inside your home. Chambers are placed throughout the door and the frame, trapping pockets of warm air inside to create a thermal barrier.

Customisation Options


Composite doors can be made to suit any kind of house, including traditional and contemporary. Alongside colours and woodgrains, your door can come fitted with a variety of glazing options and additional accessories including knockers and letterboxes.

Home Security


All the composite doors that we offer come fitted with an Avantis lock fitted as standard. Featuring a 25mm triangulated deadbolt, they are protected against both lock picking and excessive force. You have complete peace of mind against forced entry to your Cornwall home.

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Composite Door Prices, Bude & Cornwall

Are you looking for a quote for a brand new composite door? Bude can offer competitive, and zero obligation installation quotes to our customers in Cornwall and Bude. Use our free online quoting engine to put together a design perfect for your home today.

For more information about our installation work or details on our products, contact our team. Use our online contact form or give us a call on 01288 356541. A member of our team will be in touch with you to talk you through the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endurance composite doors are covered in a layer of Glass Reinforced Plastic, or GRP. This means that the timber core of your door won’t twist or warp due to exposure to the weather.
Composite doors can last for around 30 years before show signs of wear and tear, with little to no additional maintenance required.
Planning permission isn’t normally needed when having windows or doors installed. However, it is sometimes required if you are living in a protected area of a listed property. For more information, speak to your local planning authority.
Endurance composite doors are able to achieve U-value ratings of 1.5W/m2k to meet British building regulations.
Composite doors are made of a combination of different materials, each with its own benefits and actively cancelling out one another’s drawbacks. This includes glass reinforced plastic, timber fibres and uPVC.

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