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Conservatory Roofs for Bideford Homes

Conservatory roofs aren’t just installed to look good; they are also vital in the performance of an extension. Older models of conservatories are fitted with polycarbonate roofing, which lacks the thermally efficient benefits of solid, glazed, or tiled roofs.

If you feel that your Bideford conservatory is too cold in winter, yet too hot in winter, our roofs may be able to help. Enjoy your space all year round thanks to our high quality roofing solutions. We work with Ultraframe, the nation’s leading manufacturer of premium replacement conservatory roofs. Your new conservatory roof can be fitted to any style of extension, including Edwardian, Victorian or gable.

If you choose to install one of our tiled or solid roofing solutions, it comes in a range of versatile materials and colours. This means it has never been easier to get a seamlessly integrated roof for your home. Our conservatory roofs can also be upgraded with skylights to flood any space with natural light.

We make the roof replacement process as fuss free as possible. We work with an experienced and efficient team of installers and never hire external contractors. Our goal is to work as efficiently as we can and cause minimal disruption to your day to day life.

Use our free online quoting engine to create a bespoke design and receive a free, no obligation price for your roofing solution.


Features & Benefits

Thermally Efficient


The conservatory roofs that we install are designed to enhance the thermal performance of your Bideford home. These roofing solutions are fitted with double or triple glazing, alongside thermally broken uPVC profiles. Tiled roofs also feature multiple layers of insulating materials.

Acoustic Insulation


Our glazed and tiled roof collections both deliver outstanding levels of acoustic insulation. Enjoy a quieter and more private space, no matter what you use it for. Common uses for our conservatory roofs include lounges, bedrooms, offices and studios.

Fuss Free Installation


Our team of installers will work as efficiently and swift as they can to ensure your new conservatory roof is installed with minimal fuss. The shape or size of your conservatory will play a factor in this. We do all we can to cause as minimal disruption to your daily life.

Natural Light


Flood your home with natural light thanks to our range of glass roofs. These conservatory roofs come with an ultra slim sightlines to maximise available glass. Our tiled roof range comes with optional skylights and rooflights.

Conservatory Roof Prices, Bideford

If you are interested in installing one of our conservatory roofs, we can help you get a price today. Use our zero obligation online quoting engine today to create a price tailored to your requirements. For more information on the many benefits of our conservatory roofs, please speak to a member of our team by using our online form or by giving us a call through 01288 356541.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Older conservatories generally feature polycarbonate roofing as standard, which delivers poor thermal efficiency and has a much shorter lifespan. If your home is too cold and icy in winter, you may need to replace your roof. This could help you achieve a space that can be enjoyed all year round.
None of our conservatory roofs are made to measure and neither are our prices. The price of the installation will depend on the dimensions of your project as well as any additional features and customisations. Use our online quoting engine today to get a bespoke price.
The lifespan of your new conservatory roof will vary depending on the type you chose and the quality of your existing build. In general, most solid and glazed conservatory roofs perform to a high level for over a decade before you need to consider refurbishing them.
The entire structure of a conservatory or the roof doesn’t need planning. While these builds are generally covered under ‘permitted development’, restrictions may apply if you live in a listed property or a conservation area. Always speak to the relevant people before starting the project to confirm if planning permission is required.
Typically, the installation of one of our conservatory roofs takes around a week. It will depend on a range of different factors including the style of roof, the removal of your existing roof, the size of your home and any upgrades you have chosen.

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