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Whether you are looking to modernise a home of age or expand a modern complex, Bude conservatories are the perfect choice to help extend your Bideford living space.

Supplied by Ultraframe, you have the choice to construct your conservatory with a uPVC or a classic aluminium roof structure that promotes sunlight optimisation. With over 20 years experience, we are used to installing conservatories, allowing your home to feel brighter, bigger and, above all, nicer – streamlining the transition between indoor and outdoor living.

With Bideford being such an idyllic town, why wouldn’t you want to maximise and take advantage of your outdoor space?!

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Features & Benefits

Additional Living Space


The usage for conservatories are endless as they generate a multitude of options for which you can use the space.

For example, your conservatory can be transformed into a playroom, dining area and/or lounge. Whatever the weather, our conservatories provide you with the ultimate space to enjoy your outdoor space, regardless of the season.

Thermal Efficiency


Using one of the industry’s leading suppliers, Ultraframe, your brand-new conservatory has the ability to retain heat successfully, which could in fact lower your PCE.

In addition to this, we also offer the option of double-glazed windows to amplify your energy efficiency even further!



Unlike other conservatories that may not withstand the seasonal harsh reality of Bideford winters, our conservatories are constructed using materials that are designed to resist heavy rain and snowfall.

Our specially designed roofing means that your conservatory will be going no where - even when the elements are trying to prove otherwise.

Easy Instillation Process


We understand that the prospect of installing a new conservatory can initially appear quite ominous, which is why we make the process as easy as possible for you, with minimal disruption.

Built with the ideals of low-maintenance, you will be left with more time to enjoy your conservatory and less time worrying about cleaning.

Prices/Finance Options Bideford

Looking to compliment your home in Cornwall with a new conservatory? Our exceptional services are not only affordable but are also online financially approved. We want everyone in Bideford and surrounding areas to experience the benefits a conservatory can offer.

That’s why our competitive prices are reflective of how we can design a transformative space that helps to accentuate the accents of one's home.

Additionally, you can buy now and pay later, meaning that you may not have to wait for upfront payments to be approved prior to the construction of your extension.


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With an endless selection of styles to choose from, our experts are on-hand to help advise you in which style would be best or whether you would require a bespoke service.
This would depend on the type of conservatory you decide on but typically, we suggest allowing a few weeks for the installation to be completed.
Despite common myths about conservatories being incredibly hot during the summer months, our thermal insulation has dual purpose in that it keeps your conservatory warm during the winter but also deflects warmth in the summer - so you can comfortably enjoy your conservatory whatever the weather.

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